4/18/05 - Updated the Events, lots happening this week.

4/6/05 - New WT-SPOTW!

4/3/05 - Events Updated.

3/24/05 - WT-SP and events updated. Dig it.

3/14/05 - Events Updates.


2/28/05 - Events updated.

2/08/05 - Events and WT-SP updated (2 new ones)!

2/07/05 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andy Cross!!!

2/06/05 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jonnie!!!

2/05/05 - New pictures in the Members section for Amy and Gwen.

1/23/05 - Events updates.


1/10/05 - WT-SPOTW and Events updated.

12/27/04 - Events updates.

12/08/04 - Events and WT-SPOTW(M?) updated.

11/04/04 - Another new WT-SPOTW, a few events, and details about the forthcoming Trevino nuptials on the Forums!

10/27/04 - Broken link on links page fixed, WT-SP updated.

10/21/04 - WT-SP and events page updated.

10/11/04 - I know, long time no see. Well, the Pooba's been busy and tired, but now we have updated events, a new Wet T-Shirt Picture, and Tucson's Fall Club Crawl is coming up this Saturday. So lets see some activity!


8/24/04 - Updated the events page and the WT-SP. Enjoy.

8/12/04 - This week's baseball outing was such a success that we're doing it again! Details in Events. Also we have a new WT-SPOTW today.

8/05/04 - So, I slacked on the News page. We've got a few more WT-SPOTW, some new events (Baseball, RollerDerby), and a couple birthdays (German Mikey and Jacob) forthcoming.

7/11/04 - Added next Saturday's Rollerderby match to the Events page, and tossed up a new WT-SPOTW.

7/05/04 - Updated the Events page and the WT-SPOTW, its the first of a new batch of pics that should keep us looking at fresh boobies for a couple years. Yay Internet!

7/01/04 - Promotions for our three new members are reflected on the 001 page, as is addition of our new Bitch, Randy Curtis.

6/24/04 - New entry on the Propoganda page (thanks to our friend Randy Curtis). Also edited the 001 Members page.

6/20/04 - Updates to Members page, fixed a couple links, and put up the new Wet T-Shirt Picture of the Week (and by "Week" I mean whenever I feel like updating it.)

5/23/04 - Added German Mikey to the 001 page, put up some new events AND a new WT-SPOTW.

5/13/04 - New pictures, some in the Pictures section, some in the Members section (Alex, Jens, Lluvia)

5/11/04 - Minor updates, events, WT-SP, etc.

5/2/04 - Another Wet T-shirt pic.

4/19/04 - New Wet T-Shirt pic and added a new Bitch to the 001 Members page.

4/8/04 - Updated the Events page, threw up a new Wet T-shirt pic.

4/1/04 - New Wet T-Shirt Pic today, just cause I felt like it.

3/23/04 - Updated the Wet T-Shirt Pic again. Thanks to the glory that is the Internet I just got next 100 or so Wet T-Shirt pics! In related news, I also happened to get a semi :)

3/22/04 - For pics of Ken from his birthday, go to http://thejoe.net/ken

3/14/04 - Found the rest of the Wet T-Shirt Pics, so that's been updated, and is back on schedule. Also Events have been updated.

3/1/04 - I know what you're thinking, and you're right, I haven't updated the Wet T-Shirt Pics in 3 weeks. Short of it: hard drive crash, I know I have a backup somewhere. Will update ASAP.

2/8/04 - Updated the Wet T-Shirt Pic of the week.

2/7/04 - The elected representatives to the Manscouts Council are: Ben Frank, Jens Heronemus, and Sonny Calabrese. They join the 001 Grand Pooba and Vice Pooba on the Council. Council meetings are imminent.

2/6/04 - Updated the Events page.

1/29/04 - Added Matt Dubrava to the 001 Bitch list, hoping I spelled his name correctly.

1/26/04 - Wet T-Shirt Pic updated, one more week to vote on the Council.

1/19/04 - Another Wet T-Shirt Pic. Also we begin the final voting for the Man Scout Council today. Email me to find out voting procedures!

1/12/04 - New Wet T-Shirt Pic. Also this is the last day to vote in Man Scout Council Preliminary Elections!

1/9/04 - Updates to Events and stuff.

1/4/04 - Happy New Year, there's a new Wet T-Shirt Pic. Also the preliminary elections for the Man Scout Council have begun. Email the Grand Pooba by January 13 if you want to vote.

12/23/03 - Did some server maintainence, had about 5 minutes of downtime for the websites. Also made some updates on the Events page.

12/18/03 - I've slacked, I'm a couple days late updating the Wet T-Shirt Pic. So I'll let you have the new one until 12/29, just so you don't feel shorted.

12/8/03 - Wet T-Shirt Pic updated.

12/4/03 - Updated the events page.

12/1/03 - Apologies to those that weren't on the 001 Members page in the past week, a modification I made last weekend took a couple bitches names off. They're all back, sorry about the confusion. Also the Events page and Wet T-Shirt Pic were updated today.

11/24/03 - Updated Wet T-shirt Pic. Joy.

11/17/03 - New Wet T-Shirt Pic, Events page updated.

11/3/03 - Wet T-Shirt Pic updated. New bitch added to the 001 page, Jim Wilson.

11/1/03 - Events page updated.

10/27/03 - Its Monday, there's a new Wet T-Shirt pic.

10/26/03 - Updated Stu's page in the 001 Members section.

10/25/03 - By popular demand, Cherch services will now begin at 9:30pm on Sundays at Che's Lounge. That is all.

10/20/03 - Updated the Wet T-Shirt Pic of the Week.

10/15/03 - Updated The Reverend's page in the 001 Members section with a pic.

10/13/03 - Events page updated, minor change to the forum layout, and a new Wet T-Shirt Pic, the last one was so good it stuck around for 2 weeks!

9/29/03 - Updated the "You know what" of the Week and the events page.

9/22/03 - A new Vice Pooba has been selected, congratulate Andy Cross on his new position. In his honor (and because its Monday) I've updated the Wet T-Shirt pic of the week.

9/15/03 - Effective 9/13/03, Ryan Butler has resigned the 001 Vice-Poobaship. He remains a member in good standing. More on this in the Forums. Oh, and there's a new Wet T-Shirt pic today.

9/12/03 - We mourn the passing of Johnny Cash. There is no Man Scout event planned for today, but I ask that if you love the Man In Black, remember him today. I know I'll be raising a glass in his honor tonight.

9/8/03 - New Wet T-Shirt Pic, actually posted yesterday.

9/7/03 - Updates to the Events page today. Forums seem to be working well.

9/2/03 - The new forums are up, use them at will. I'm still working on getting the data from the old forums.

9/1/03 - Happy September! At the behest of Alex, I added a Wet T-Shirt Pic Archive, so check that out at your convenience.

8/30/03 - Updated Alex and Jacob's member pages and the general pictures page.

8/29/03 - The Wet T-Shirt pic of the Week has been updated today, since I wasn't around a computer Monday. I think I'll leave this one up for a week and a half.

8/28/03 - Updated member pages for Ben, Jonnie, Shaggy, Heath, Jen and Amy.

8/24/03 - A new era. DNS is now pointed to, a server owned and operated by the Pooba. And there was much rejoycing.

8/23/03 - So much new stuff. Events page updated, Member pages (Alex, Luke, Leigh, Zoe) updated, Links page updated.

7/29/03 - Updated the Wet T-Shirt pic today, sorry it was a day late.

7/28/03 - We had a great Council meeting tonight, we have new Members and Auxiliary, they will be announced shortly.

7/26/03 - Wish a Happy Birthday to Shannon the Safehouse barista when you see her!!!

7/23/03 - Preparation has begun for the moving of the Forums. PHP, Apache, and mySQL seem to be playing nice together, so we'll probably be doing this next week.

7/22/03 - Events page updated for this weekend.

7/21/03 - Another new Wet T-Shirt pic. In server news, we're still coming along, Apache and mySQL are (mostly) working.

7/14/03 - New Wet T-Shirt pic of the week. In server news, my Apache is hosed.

7/11/03 - Andy Cross is indeed back.

7/7/03 - Added a couple things to the Events page, including a Coercion show, which of course means that Andy will soon be back.

7/2/03 - Work continues on the new Manscouts.org server. Server is functional and stable for shell and MySQL database access. I'm currently working on the Apache web services.

6/30/03 - New Wet T-Shirt pic.

6/23/03 - We had a great time at the ball game yesterday, we're definitely doing that again. Thanks to Dennis, Trevino, Heath, and Jen for coming out. Its Monday, so there's a new Wet T-shirt pic too, check that out.

6/22/03 - Events page updated with a bunch of stuff.

6/16/03 - New Wet T-Shirt pic today.

6/14/03 - The NEW LOGO is up, check the front page.

6/10/03 - New pics of Jonnie and Amanda in the 001 Members section.

6/9/03 - Lots of new stuff in the Events section and a new Wet T-Shirt pic. Also keep your eyes open for a new logo in the near future, as Jens, Dennis, and I have been working on that.

6/8/03 - Our new server has arrived, I'll be configuring the OS and its other software this week. After everything's stable on it, its full speed ahead.

6/4/03 - Events section updated.

6/1/03 - Updated the Wet T-Shirt pic.

5/24/03 - Some new Outings in the Events section.

5/19/03 - Another new week, another new Wet T-Shirt pic.

5/18/03 - Its official, Manscouts.org email aliases are here. Let me know what address you want @manscouts.org, and what real email address you want it to forward to and I'll set it up.

5/17/03 - Added a section for promotional and inspirational materials and other propaganda compositions. Its linked from the Pictures section.

5/13/03 - I removed the "Home" link from the sidebar, you can click on the top bar to get to the main page (though I don't know why you'd want to).

5/12/03 - Wet T-Shirt pic of the week updated. Also, I'd like more pictures for the site, so if I don't have a picture of you, send me one or give me one to scan. Also if you have any pictures of Scouts in action, SEND THEM!

5/11/03 - OK, I've been slacking on the news page. But there HAVE been updates. Most notably, pictures of Ken and myself under our respective Members pages. I've added little captions for people's individual photos as well, they'll show up when you hold the mouse over a pic. Also we've had a couple nice events lately, be sure to check the Events page for weekly updates.

4/29/03 - New Wet T-Shirt pic, more merit badge designs, and Ken's Bio is up.

4/27/03 - Added pages for our new Bitches, Shaggy and Mike Trevino, they're on the 001 Members page.

4/22/03 - Added Amanda to the 001 members list, with a nice picture of her 1965 Mustang GT.

4/21/03 - New Wet T-shirt pic.

4/15/03 - Updated the Wet T-shirt pic. Also in news, Paul will be leaving us Thursday for parts unknown, due to his new job on the airship crew. If you see Paul, take him out for a beer or get him laid or something.

4/13/03 - Put up some stuff for next week on the Events page.

4/10/03 - Just a clarification: the Pooba will be out Friday, Saturday, and Monday, but he will not be at Che's this Sunday! If people want to keep with tradition and go to Che's anyway, I'd love that, but I have to work.

4/9/03 - Events page updated.

4/8/03 - I couldn't bear to change the Wet T-Shirt pic yesterday, so I did it today and now there's a new one. Damn, I loved last week's though.

4/2/03 - Events page updated for this weekend's outings!

3/31/03 - New Wet T-shirt Pic of the week today.

3/25/03 - So much has happened to the 001 in the past few days! We've had Dennis' birthday (a night that will live in infamy: heavy drinking, vomit, being 86'ed from Che's, and almost getting shot), a great expedition to the firing range led by our Sergeant at Arms Ben Frank, and induction of new members and bitches!

3/24/03 - New Wet T-Shirt Pic of the Week! I know, its not as good as last week. But hey, they can't all be that hot.

3/22/03 - Due to an emergency Council meeting last night, we have new members, bitches, and auxiliaries of the Man Scouts Local 001! Check out the 001 Members section for the newbies!

3/17/03 - Wet T-Shirt Pic of the Week is up. The Events section is being updated for this weekend, look for more to come soon!

3/12/03 - Exciting news, we have TWO NEW MEMBERS of the Chicago (002) Local! Check out the newbies in the 002 Members section!

3/10/03 - Yet another new Wet T-Shirt Pic of the Week.

3/3/03 - New Wet T-Shirt Pic of the Week. And everybody be sure to wish a happy birthday to PAUL!

3/1/03 - Website is up :-)

2/22/03 - Website is down :-(

2/21/03 - Meeting this Sunday is off, but that doesn't mean we can't hang out!

2/19/03 - Thanks to Jef Hamby (of DeadBaby.Net fame) we now have a pic of Jens up in the 001 Members Section. And there was much rejoycing. Also the Events page is updated, because hopefully we're having a Council Meeting this Sunday.

2/18/03 - Events page updated with plans for this Friday.

2/17/03 - New Wet T-Shirt Pic of the Week. Send your thanks to Batman ;-)

2/15/03 - The Tucson Local now has a new Bitch! Everyone welcome Sonny Calabrese. 001 Members page updated.

2/13/03 - Will somebody vote on this poll?!?! Please? If nobody wants to do anything then I'll be at Anthony's and Che's tomorrow.

2/11/03 - Events page updated for this weekend, check it out.

2/10/03 - Wet T-shirt Pic of the Week updated. BTW, yes, they are archived. Just look at the address of the pic and be clever, you'll find the previous ones.

2/6/03 - New events for this weekend posted in the Events section.

2/4/03 - Updated the 001 Members page with our new Auxiliaries. More newbies to come as I get their full information.

2/3/03 - New Wet T-shirt Pic of the Week today (thanks to Amy for helping me pick it out), and the Handbook section has been updated with some info about the Council.

2/2/03 - Council meeting went great last night, we have a few people that we will be approached for bitchhood and auxiliary membership this week. Due to the fact that we still have lots of things to discuss there will be another Council meeting next Friday night. The "Code" page on the site has been changed to Handbook. I'm working on that.

2/1/03 - Happy February kids, hope everything's going well. Changed the message on the home page a little today, and added a link to the Forums to the side frame. Popups on the forum are a little annoying, so hopefully we'll move the board over to our own servers in the near future.

1/31/03 - Edited the star in the top frame a little, its somewhat smoother now, and a little smaller image as well.

1/29/03 - Jury duty make Pooba tired. Just thought I'd formally put up the announcement of Council members. The Local 001 Council will be: Ryan Butler (he IS the Vice Pooba after all, and thus is the head of the Council), Ben Frank, Jens Heronemus, and Paul Vaterlaus. First Council meeting will be this weekend, I've already started drawing up an agenda of a few things we should discuss.

1/28/03 - The famous "Hozerfest" picture of Jose is up on his page in the 002 members section.

1/27/03 - New wet t-shirt pic of the week is up. Super Bowl at Hooters went well, great turnout, fun had by all. Congrats to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their fans on their rousing victory. NFC rules. Everyone in the Local 001 has voted for the Council, which will have its first meeting this weekend. I'll update something here tomorrow to reflect who is on the Council. Until then, check out the forums!

1/26/03 - Updated Eric Kempin's email address on 001 Members page. Scouted Danny's Boboquivari Lounge last night, and Jens and I agree it looks like a good place for meetings, and bears further investigation. For those who are interested, Johnnie has set up forums for us to use. I'm not sure if we'll eventually host a forum on this domain or what, but for now, we have http://manscouts.board2.dk3.com. Thank the Dago. Love the Dago.

1/25/03 - Ok, we have pages in the members section for everyone in Local 001 and 002, just no pictures up on some of the pages. If you don't have a pic on the site yet Email me a GOOD picture of you. Or hand me a pic, I'll scan it and put it up. Also, voting for the Local 001 Council has begun. The Council will be used for executive decisions such as promoting bitches, expelling members, helping me keep a finger on the pulse of the general membership, etc. 78% of Local members voted for their Council members Friday night, and yet nothing it firmly decided yet, so the last 2 of you (you know who you are!) should contact me to vote ASAP. Council members will be announced by email when everyone in the Local has voted.

1/24/03 - Added a page in the Members section for Brian, minor addition to the FAQ, and added a couple prototypes for Merit Badges in the Badges section. Give me feedback on those, I don't really like them that much. Hope to see y'all tonight!

1/23/03 - This weekend's cigar night time has been moved up, Events page updated to reflect that. Added pages for Andy Cross, Alex, Matt, and Christian in the members section, and added a link to Johnny Cash's web site, since everybody agrees that he rules.

1/22/03 - Finished thumbnailing the pictures page, it's a whole lot easier to load and view now. Updated the events section with some gatherings for this weekend.

1/21/03 - Fixed the SigArms logo in the Links section. Planning has begun for a few of our events. Recruitment for the "1st Annual Man Scout sponsored Wet T-Shirt Contest" is going well, and a trip to Las Vegas is in the works as well, we're looking for dates in the summer for that. BTW, our friend Gus put up a new Gusadelic site today at www.gusadelic.org. Its all just pics of him doing stuff, but if you know Gus it's kind of cool, so check it out.

1/20/03 - I want to wish everyone a good Martin Luther King day. Just as a personal note, I swear the "I have a dream" speech is still one of the most moving moments of American history. If you've never read the entire text, GO HERE. Remember, its not JUST a dictate about segregation or the the power of minorities, its about freedom, brotherhood and justice. Things we all still need to work for.

1/19/03 - As I am disconsolate over the Eagles NFC Championship game loss, I'm going drinking rather than work on the web page. I did update the Wet T-Shirt pic of the week though. Catch you schmucks later.

1/18/03 - Tomorrow's Hooters outing cancelled, events page updated. No real web page work today. Meeting last night went well, Dennis, VanJohnson, Eric Kempin, Lluvia, and myself all had a good time, and some of us also met with Alex Reed later.

1/17/03 - Put one more page up in the Members section, started the FAQ, and now I'm going to Hooters.

1/16/03 - Links and members section updated, there's a new event posted, I corrected a couple typos, and there's new pics on the pics page. The pics are pretty huge, but I'll get around to thumbnailing them this weekend.

1/15/03 - Putting up a few more pics, including some in the members section. Man Scouts email is now live, I can now be emailed at pooba@manscouts.org. We have ideas for prototypes of the merit badges, so we'll be discussing that at an upcoming meeting, I'm sure.

1/14/03 - Cleaned up the Links page, made a couple more additions. I want to have columns written by members on the site. Email me with your opinions on that, or if you think you have an idea for a member column. I'm going to finish the pictures section tomorrow, then take a break from the site for a couple days before I go totally insane. Apologies to anyone who has had to listen to me bitch about font embedding or table alignment in the past week.

1/13/03 - Font issues appear resolved (finally). Added a couple things to the Links page. Member pics are up, I just need to make pages for them. Updated Andy Cross' email address. Spent alot of time playing Hooters BlackJack today.

1/12/03 - Compliments to Andy Cross and his band Coercion on playing great show last night. We need to get Coercion a web site. Speaking of web sites, I've put a little something special on the Pictures section of this site, its the Wet T-shirt pic of the week. Hopefully I'll update it weekly. Also, I'm having a heck of a time embedding the fonts here, so if anyone has experience with this, drop me a line. Should have some new member pics up Monday, too.

1/11/03 - Martha Raymond is named the official Man Scout barista

1/10/03 - Manscouts.org officially goes live!

1/9/03 - The manscouts.org domain is registered. Props to Ryan at Login

1/8/03 - DNS entries made on name servers. Props to Jon of Dakotacom.net

1/7/03 - Website work begins in earnest. Props to Gus of outta-the-box.com for providing web space