5/28/05 - The return to Che's Lounge, 9:30pm.

5/25/05 - Mission Statement @ Heart 5. Have a beer at Bison Witches, then come to the show!

5/22/05 - Everyone's in Mexico, so we won't be at Che's this Sunday.

5/21/05 - The Andy Cross Mexican Wedding! If you're not there, go to Che's and see The Sweat Band.

5/15/05 - Che's Lounge, 9:30pm.

5/11/05 - Mislead, TA80, and Sanawon at Heart 5.

5/8/05 - Happy Mother's Day!

5/1/05 - Sunday. Che's. 9:30pm.

4/24/05 - Why stop now? Come to Che's, 10pm

4/23/05 - Sonny's Pajama Party!

4/22/05 - The Pooba recommends you go see The Sweat Band and Evil Beaver at the Surly Wench Pub, 10pm.

4/20/05 - A Big show at Heart 5 - Mislead, TA80, and Austin Counts. Have a beer at Bison at 9pm, be at Heart at 10.

4/17/05 - No rest for the hung over. Come to Che's have a Bloody Mary.

4/16/05 - One of our favorite events of the year, CLUB CRAWL!!! Get your wristbands at CD City beforehand for $8!

4/16/04 - Another Tucson Rollerderby bout at Bladeworld, 6:30.

4/10/05 - Cherch on Sunday!

4/6/05 - Mission Statement and Provacative Whites at Heart 5! 10pm. You can have a beer at Bison afterwards!

4/3/05 - Sunday @ Che's, 9:30.

3/30/05 - Bison Witches, Wednesday, 10pm.

3/27/05 - Chillin' at Che's, 9:30pm.

3/26/05 - Coercion with Sin Machine, Eroticide, and others @ the Rock. 9pm?

3/25/05 - Too many shows to list. Get out to Vaudeville, The Surly Wench, Congress, Plush, or Red Room and you'll be happy.

3/20/05 - Che's. Jinx's last night in Tucson and Ken's Birthday Eve. See Jinx off and with Ken a Happy Birthday at midnight.

3/16/05 - Wednesday. Bison Witches. Have a beer. 10pm.

3/13/05 - Sunday Night at Che's Lounge, 9:30pm.

3/6/05 - Che's, Sunday.

3/2/05 - Mislead and Controlled Confusion at Heart 5. 10:30pm.

2/27/05 - Sunday, Che's Lounge, 9:30

2/25/05 - COERCION! Friday at The Rock, 8pm.

2/20/05 - Che's Lounge, 9:30pm

2/19/05 - Tucson Rollerderby's 2005 season opener. 6:30pm at BladeWorld.

2/18/05 - Arizona IceCats Hockey Vs. ASU. 7:30pm at the TCC.

2/13/05 - Sunday Night at Che's Lounge, 9:30pm.

2/6/05 - The Super Bowl. Party at German Mikey's house. Go EAGLES!!! Post Super Bowl gathering at Che's, 10pm.

2/4/05 - Tucson Rollerderby Red Cross Tsunami Relief Benefit featuring Al Perry, Al Foul, Lovemound, and Flathead! 9pm at Club Congress.

1/30/05 - Sunday, Che's Lounge, 9:30

1/23/05 - Chillin' at Che's, 9:30pm.

1/16/05 - Che's, 9:30pm.

1/15/05 - Arizona Icecats Hockey Game, meet at the TCC at 6:40pm!

1/12/05 - Sara Bellum and Misled play Safehouse. 10pm.

1/9/05 - Yeah, Sunday.

1/2/05 - Sunday, Che's Lounge, 9:30

12/29/04 - Alex's Birthday. Meet at Che's, 8:30pm!

12/26/04 - Happy Boxing Day, and Sunday!

12/25/04 - The Fellowship of the Drink, 10pm.

12/19/04 - Sunday at Che's, 9:30pm.

12/18/04 - Whiskey Bitch and The Shocker (yes,a band called "The Shocker") at Vaudeville Cabaret! 9:30pm.

12/12/04 - Chillin' at Che's, 9:30pm.

12/11-12/04 - 4th Ave. Winter Street Fair!

12/11/04 - Happy Birthday Jinx!

12/10/04 - Tucson Rollerderby's Wheelie Awards. Its a Punk Rock Extravaganza, starting at 6:30pm.

12/7/04 - Sonny's Birthday, Che's Lounge, 9pm.

12/5/04 - Che's Lounge, 9:30

11/21/04 - Sunday at Che's, 9:30pm.

11/20/04 - Arizona Icecats Hockey at the TCC, 7pm.

11/14/04 - Che's, 9:30pm.

11/13/04 - Mission Statement at Che's Lounge, 10pm.

11/7/04 - THREE events for a Sunday! First the Tucson Rollerderby Saddletramps bout at 3pm, Mike Trevino's and wedding and reception, and a special birthday celebration for Bill at Che's, 9:30pm!

11/6/04 - Whiskey Bitch at Che's Lounge. 10pm.

11/5/04 - Mike Trevino's "Batchelor Party". Che's Lounge, 9pm.

10/31/04 - Happy Halloween!

10/24/04 - Wrapping up the weekend at Che's Lounge, 9:30pm.

10/23/04 - The continuing genesis of Randy, Bill, and Deanna's band (currently called Mislead) at Safehouse, 10pm and 1am shows! Also Manifold is playing at Che's Lounge.

10/22/04 - The Return of Andy and Stu's band COERCION at North on 4th, doors open at 8pm.

10/17/04 - Keep it rolling at Che's Lounge, 9:30pm.

10/16/04 - Fall Club Crawl, 8pm. We'll be downtown beforehand too. Schedule will be posted Wednesday in the Forums.

10/10/04 - Come to Che's, 9:30, wish Ryan Butler a happy early birthday.

10/3/04 - Che's, 9:30pm.

9/26/04 - Sunday at Che's, 9:30pm.

9/25/04 - Tucson Beer Festival, Hi Corbett Field, 6pm.

9/18/04 - Tucson Rollerderby's Final match of the season, 7pm at Bladeworld. We'll hit the Surly Wench afterwards, at about 10pm.

9/15/04 - DJ Azazel spinning in the Semifinals of Heart 5's DJ Tournament.

9/12/04 - Che's, 9:30pm.

9/05/04 - Sunday at Che's, 9:30pm.

8/29/04 - Back to Che's Lounge, 9:30pm

8/28/04 - Lauren's Birthday party, 2pm! See the meetings section of our Forums for details.

8/25/04 - Our own DJ Azazel spinning in the second round of Heart 5's DJ Tournament, 9pm.

8/24/04 - The big day. Instructions: go to a bar, stay there till 2am.

8/23/04 - Another Tucson Sidewinders game, 7:00pm. Tickets again are already acquired and will either be absolutely free or $3 per, depending on if we decide to upgrade our seating. Email the Pooba for more info or for tickets.

8/22/04 - Finish the weekend at Che's, 9:30pm.

8/21/04 - Tucson Rollerderby bout, 7pm, at BladeWorld. Tickets are $7 in advance, $9 at the door. Music by Al Foul!

8/15/04 - Che's, 9:30pm.

8/12/04 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jacob!

8/11/04 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY German Mikey!

8/9/04 - Tucson Sidewinders game, 7:00pm, Tucson Electric Park. Tickets (which have already been acquired) are $3. Email the Pooba for more info or for tickets.

8/8/04 - Cherch, 9:30 pm.

8/1/04 - Che's Lounge, 9:30pm

7/25/04 - Sunday at Che's, 9:30pm.

7/18/04 - Chillin' at Che's, 9:30pm.

7/17/04 - Tucson Rollerderby bout, 7pm, at BladeWorld. Tickets are $7 in advance, $9 at the door.

7/14/04 - The Black Jetts play at The Surly Wench Pub, 9:30pm.

7/11/04 - Che's Lounge, 9:30pm

7/09/04 - Benefit for the Tucson Roller Derby featuring Whiskey Bitch! Club Congress, 9pm.

7/04/04 - Independence Day Cherch!!!

7/01/04 - Reverend Horton Heat at Tucson's City Limits, 8pm.

6/27/04 - Sunday at Che's, 9:30pm.

6/20/04 - Special Che's birthday celebrations for Christian and Amy. 9:30pm.

6/16/04 - DJ Azazel spinning in Heart 5's DJ Tournament.

6/13/04 - Che's, 9:30pm.

6/12/04 - Manifold and Mission Statement playing togther downtown at Club La Nuit

6/6/04 - Che's, 9:30pm.

5/30/04 - Its a Che's Weekend, see you Sunday, 9:30pm!

5/29/04 - 5/14/04 - Whiskey Bitch @ Che's Lounge, 9:30pm!

5/23/04 - Chillin' at Che's, 9:30pm.

5/16/04 - Sunday at Che's, 9:30pm.

5/14/04 - Whiskey Bitch @ Vaudeville Cabaret

5/9/04 - Its Mother's Day, so all you scouts remember to wish your Mom a Happy Birthday ;) . Oh, and come to Che's.

5/2/04 - Che's Lounge, Sunday, 9:30pm.

4/25/04 - Cherch, 9:30 pm.

4/18/04 - The time: 9:30pm. The place: Che's Lounge. The pants: optional.

4/17/04 - CLUB CRAWL!!! Details TBD.

4/15/04 - Alkaline Trio, NoFX, and Jello Biafra at Tucson's Rialto Theatre. 8pm.

4/11/04 - Che's, 9:30pm.

4/4/04 - Sunday at Che's, 9:30pm.

3/28/04 - Kickin' it at Che's Lounge, 9:30pm.

3/21/04 - Special 21st Birthday celebration for Ken at Che's Lounge. 9:30pm.

3/16/04 - Flogging Molly at The Rialto Theatre.

3/14/04 - Chillin' at Che's, 9:30pm.

3/7/04 - Sunday at Che's, 9:30pm.

2/29/04- A Special Leap Day Cherch

2/15/04 - Cherch, 9:30 pm.

2/13/04 - HellBilly Ball at The Rialto Theatre, featuring Deadbolt, Whiskey Bitch, and the Last Call Brawlers.

2/7/04 - Chillin' at Che's. 9:30pm.

2/1/04 - Sunday at Che's, 9:30pm.

1/25/03 - Che's, 9:30pm.

1/18/04 - You know the drill: Che's, 9:30pm.


1/11/04 - Che's Lounge on a Sunday, 9:30pm.

1/10/04 - Hooters on Tanque Verde, we're watchin some football. 4pm.

1/4/04 - 9:30pm mass at Cherch.

12/28/03 - Chillin' at Che's Lounge. 9:30pm.

12/25/03 - Special Christmas Cherch services, 9:00pm.

12/21/03 - Che's, 9:30pm.

12/14/03 - Sunday at Che's, 9:30pm.

12/7/03 - 9:30pm mass at Cherch. And its Sonny's Birthday, come buy him drinks.

12/3/03 - Its Shaggy's birthday! We're probably going to the nudie bar. Find Big Dick Mike for more info.

11/30/03 - Chillin' at Che's Lounge. 9:30pm.

11/23/03 - Alkaline Trio returns to Tempe's Marquee Theater with Reggie & The Full Effect. Show starts at 7:30.

11/23/03 - Cherch Services will be held for those who are not attending the Alk. Trio show.

11/16/03 - Sunday, Che's, 9:30pm

10/28/03 - Come by Heart 5, enjoy the Crack1e and $2 Guinness and Newcastle pints.

10/26/03 - Sunday at Che's, 9:30pm.

10/19/03 - Cherch Services, 10pm.

10/12/03 - Che's Lounge, 10pm.

10/5/03 - Its Sunday. You KNOW what that means.

10/4/03 - Fall Crawl!

10/4/03 - COERCION is back! Andy and Stu's fabulous Metal band will be playing a house party. Contact Andy for more info.

9/28/03 - Sunday, Che's, 10pm.

9/27/03 - Cigars at Anthony's Cigar Emporium on Grant Rd, 6:30pm.

9/21/03 - The weekend wrap-up at Che's, 10pm.

9/14/03 - 10pm mass at Cherch.

9/13/03 - Man Scouts Cigar Night, Anthony's Cigar Emporium on Grant Rd at 6:30pm.

9/9/03 - Dropkick Murphys at Tucson's Rialto Theatre, 8pm.

9/8/03 - The Pooba will be watching Monday Night Football with Eagles fans at the Depot. Come hang out if you wish, Tampa Bay fans need not apply.

9/7/03 - An early outing at Che's, 9:30pm

8/31/03 - Oh to be at Che's on a Sunday at 10pm...

8/24/03 - Che's Lounge, 10pm.

8/17/03 - Going to Cherch, 9:30pm.

8/3/03 - Sunday @ Che's, 10pm.

8/2/03 - ta-80 show at Rock M Billiards, contact Jens for more info.

8/2/03 - Manifold and Scratching the Surface playing at Che's Lounge.

7/27/03 - Sunday, Che's, 10pm.

7/26/03 - Hooters on Ina, 7pm.

7/25/03 - FREE COERCION SHOW at the Rock! See Andy Cross (or any other member of the band) for tickets. Also there will be $.50 BUD DRAFTS.

7/25/03 - Anthony's Cigar Emporium, 6pm.

7/20/03 - Sunday. Che's. 10pm.

7/18/03 - Coercion show at The Rock with Nowheresville, The Dying Year, schoolyardfight, and Head Sling. Doors open at 7pm, Coercion will go on last.

7/16/03 - Two of our Scouts are DJ'ing downtown tonight, our esteemed Bitch Shaggy (aka DJ Azazel) in the DJ competition at Heart 5, and Dennis (aka DJ Vox) at Asylum. Get down there and support them!

7/13/03 - Sunday. Che's. 10pm.

7/11/03 - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG) opens. Go out and see Sean Connery.

6/29/03 - Sunday @ Che's, 10ish.

6/27/03 - Haven't been to Anthony's Cigar Emporium lately. How's about 7pm?

6/24/03 - Stop by Heart 5, say Hi to Alex, enjoy the Crackie.

6/23/03 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY LLUVIA!!! We'll surely be taking her out to the bars tonight.

6/22/03 - TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME! Tucson Sidewinders game, 6:30pm, Tucson Electric Park. RSVP to the Pooba and he'll reserve your ticket before hand so you can sit with us. Afterwards we'll probably hit Che's Lounge, cause it IS a Sunday after all.

6/15/03 - Che's. 10pm.

6/8/03 - Che's. 10pm.

6/6/03 - Anthony's Cigar Emporium on Grant, 7pm. Hilarity will no doubt ensue.

6/1/03 - Chillin at Che's Lounge, 10pm.

5/30/03 - Drinking with Mike Trevino at Danny's Baboquivari Lounge. 10pm or so.

5/30/03 - The Ashton RoadShow will be at Anthony's Cigar Emporium on Grant road from 4pm-7pm. Great Deals on Ashton cigars and accessories. I'll be there at about 6.

5/25/03 - SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Che's, 10pm!

5/23/03 - Coercion is playing, 10pm, at North on 4th Ave.

5/23/03 - Come in here dear boy, have a Cigar. A.C.E., 7pm.

5/18/03 - Its Sunday, so we are, of course, going to.... MEXICO!!! Just kidding, see y'all at Che's Lounge, 10pm or so.

5/11/03 - Sunday. Che's Lounge. 10-ish.

5/2/03 - Coercion show at the Rock, doors open about 7:30pm, Coercion should be playing at about 10pm. All ages, bar with ID.

5/2/03 - Cigars. Anthony's Cigar Emporium on Grant. 7pm.

4/27/03 - Sunday outing to Che's Lounge, the Pooba will be chilling, as usual.

4/19/03 - Its Tucson's annual Club Crawl! As we find out the schedule of bands we'll decide where we will be at what times.

4/18/03 - Coercion will be playing at Skrappy's at 8pm. Go see them, they will rock your house.

4/18/03 - Man Scouts Local 001 Council Meeting, Anthony's Cigar Emporium, 6pm. There will be a shooting expedition with the Sergeant at Arms earlier in the day as well, time is TBA.

4/14/03 - A rare Monday outing. Ryan Butler and I will be at Club Congress. Contact me for details.

4/12/03 - Cigars. Anthony's Cigar Emporium on Grant. 7pm.

4/6/03 - The usual Man Scout Sunday expedition to Che's Lounge! Meet either at Safehouse at 9ish or at Che's about an hour later!

4/4/03 - Cigars. Anthony's Cigar Emporium on Grant. 8pm. Good times and hilarity will no doubt ensue.


3/21/03 - Man Scouts Local 001 Council Meeting, Anthony's Cigar Emporium, 7:30pm. Afterwards, Che's Lounge

2/23/03 - Man Scouts Local 001 Council Meeting has been cancelled, as a couple Council members had unforseen difficulties making the meeting. The meeting will be re-scheduled.

2/21/03 - Man Scouts Cigar Night, meet at Anthony's Cigar Emporium on Grant Rd at 8:30pm. We'll get cigars and then continue on from there.

2/15/03 - Dennis and I are meeting at Safehouse at 8:30pm for tonight's special outing. Also its Laura's birthday, so we'll be kickin it at Congress after 11 and then moving on to her party afterwards.

2/14/03 - I hear there's some sort of evil "greeting card" holiday today, but screw that, we're going drinking. Vote for where in this poll.

2/9/03 - Due to Jose's graduation this weekend he was not able to make the "Polar Bear Jump" as previously indicated here. Statements from Jose indicate that he is "butt-hurt" and apologizes sincerely.

2/8/03 - Go vote for what we're doing tonight in the FORUMS.

2/7/03 - Chillin with the Pooba night. We'll meet at Safehouse and go from there.

1/26/03 - Super Bowl! Dennis, Ryan and I are going to be watching the Super Bowl at Hooters on Ina Rd., meet there at 4pm.

1/24/03 - Man Scouts Cigar Night, meet at Anthony's Cigar Emporium on Grant Rd at 8:30pm. We'll get cigars and then continue on from there.

1/19/03 - Sorry, the NFL Playoff/Hooters expedition has been canceled. Dennis and I both have to work Sunday. Pooba will be out and about later, hopefully celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles NFC Championship. If you want to join in the celebration, as always, email me.

1/17/03 - HOOTERS outing! This Friday Dennis and I will be at the Hooters on Ina road, about 7pm. Email Joe or Dennis for more info.

1/11/03 - Andy Cross's excellent band, Coercion, is playing tonight in Tucson at the Rock. Show starts at 7pm, Coercion should be going on about 10:45 or so. Email Andy or Joe for more info.

1/10/03 - Chillin with the Pooba night, meet at Safehouse at 9pm if you want to hang with Joe. Email for more info